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"Studia Medioznawcze" [Media Studies]
Bednarska 2/4, 00-310 Warsaw
Phone: (22) 55 20 240
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http://studiamedioznawcze.pl  (PL)
http://mediastudies.eu  (EN)

  • Editor in Chief: professor Marek Jabłonowski PhD, DSc
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief / Secretary: Teresa Maciszewska
  • Deputy Editor-in-Chief / Secretary: professor Robert Cieślak PhD, DSc

ISSN 1641-0920
The original version of "Studia Medioznawcze" [Media Studies] is an electronic version.
ISSN 2451-1617

Lista ministerialna: B, obszar nauk: S, 12 punktów (komunikat z 23 grudnia 2015 roku).

Ministerial list: B, area of science: S, 12 points (announcement from December 23, 2015).
"Studia Medioznawcze" [Media Studies] is a quarterly journal of the Faculty of Journalism, Information and Bibliology of the University of Warsaw, which was established in 2000 at the Institute of Journalism at the Faculty of Journalism and Political Studies of the University of Warsaw. By September 2016, 66 issues of the magazine were published.

The circle of its recipients are research workers and students of the discipline of media sciences. The thematic profile of "SM" includes issues devoted to the identity of media sciences; new media; ethics and public relations, law in the media; media history; rhetoric, media in Poland - the press, radio and television; media systems abroad.
The Scientific Council of the journal includes scientific authorities in the field of media science - political scientists, media experts, historians, linguists, literary critics from Poland and abroad.

The texts are published and made available on the quarterly's website http://studiamedioznawcze.pl/ on the basis of open access and a free license granted to the publisher (possible publication in the congress languages: Russian, English, German, French, Spanish and Italian). The "SM" annuals in .pdf format (from the issue 1 (32) 2008), tables of contents in the Polish and English language versions and selected texts translated into English can also be found there. In addition, a description of the reviewing procedure and a publishing guide for the authors. From the issue 2 (56) 2014, the original version of the journal is the electronic version.
"SM" is indexed in EBSCO databases, CEJSH (verification in ERIH PLUS database in progress).

In 2015, the quarterly was included in the list of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the catalog of part B of the periodicals, which means that 12 points can be obtained for a publication in the pages of "Media Studies".

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"Przegląd Biblioteczny" [The Library Review]
Nowy Świat 69, 00-927 Warsaw
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ISSN 0033-202X

The original version of the journal is its printed version.

  • Editor in Chief: professor Elżbieta Barbara Zybert PhD, DSc
  • Editor, Subject Editor: Dariusz Grygrowski PhD, DSc
  • Editorial Secretary: Dorota Grabowska PhD

The oldest Polish scientific librarian magazine, covering all basic trends in Polish library science, book studies, bibliography and scientific information. Its content is quoted e.g. in "Library and Information Science Abstracts". Published since 1927.

One of the best periodicals in the field of librarianship in Europe. It provides the opportunity to publish and exchange views for the whole librarian community and people of science connected with our profession. The testament of the high level of this magazine is the 2007 decision of the Minister of Science and Higher Education about placing the title on the list of scoring magazines and awarding it 9 points in the group of Polish scientific journals. The original version of the journal is its printed version.

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„Zagadnienia Informacji Naukowej – Studia Informacyjne” [Issues of Scientific Information - Information Studies]
Nowy Świat 69, 00-927 Warszawa
mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
PL ISSN 0324-8194
E ISSN 2392-2648

  • Editor in Chief: professor Barbara Sosińska-Kalata PhD, DSc
  • Deputy editor-in-chief and theme editor: dr Marcin Roszkowski PhD
  • Editorial Secretary: mgr Monika Halasz-Cysarz, Dr. Zuzanna Wiorogórska

The biyearly "Zagadnienia Informacji Naukowej -- Studia Informacyjne" (ZIN) [Journal of Information Science - Information Studies] is the oldest Polish informatics magazine published since 1962 (until 1971 under the title "Biuletyn ODIN PAN", then as "Zagadnienia Informacji Naukowej" [Issues of the Scientific Information], from the issue 2 of 2013 under the current title). ZIN is on the B list of MNiSW scoring journals (8 points). The contents of the journal are indexed in the following databases: Central European Journal in Social Sciences and Humanities (CEJSH), Cambridge Scientific Abstracts (CSA), EBSCO, Google Scholar, Worldcat, as well as in Polish Bibliographic Bibliography (PBB) and ICI Journal Master List (ICV = 82.86). The journal is registered in the ERIH PLUS reference database.

ZIN is a highly regarded forum for the dissemination of scientific articles and research results in the field of information science and other disciplines in which analyzes of social and technological aspects of information activities carried out in various spheres of contemporary social life are undertaken. The journal also serves as a scientific critic of publications in this field and contains problem reports from conferences devoted to contemporary information issues. ZIN is an interdisciplinary journal, its thematic profile covers a wide range of theoretical and practical, social, cultural and technological problems related to providing access to fixed information and knowledge resources, information users' needs, the use of information and knowledge resources by modern man and contemporary society, social reception of modern information and communication technologies. The ZIN thematic profile also includes methodology of the information science research, the history of information science and information education as well as education in the field of information science. The magazine publishes articles in Polish and English.

The biyearly "ZIN - Studia Informacyjne" [Information Studies] is addressed to the international environment of researchers of information sciences and practitioners of information activities, critically analyzing methods and tools for its implementation in various disciplinary and organizational environments, as well as politicians and donors of information activities in various fields. The journal can also be of interest to researchers, lecturers, and students of other disciplines that deal with various aspects of the functioning of information in the modern world.

The magazine is published in paper and electronic version. The paper version is the original version of the journal.

The journal's archive issues are available at http://medioteka.uw.edu.pl/dlibra/collectiondescription?dirids=13 or http://www.sbp.pl/wydawnictwa/archiwum_cyfrowe?book_title=zagadnienia+informacji+naukowej

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Z Badań nad Książką i Księgozbiorami Historycznymi [Studies into the History of the Book and Book Collections]
Nowy Świat 69, 00-927 Warszawa
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
ISSN 1897-0788; e-ISSN 2544-8739

  • Editor in Chief: professor UW Jacek Puchalski PhD, DSc
  • Editorial secretary: Agnieszka Chamera-Nowak PhD
  • Editorial Secretary: Dorota Pietrzkiewicz

In 2013, „Z Badań nad Książką i Księgozbiorami Historycznymi” [Studies into the History of the Book and Book Collections] was included in the list of scientific journals of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (list B) with the number of 9 points for publication on its pages.

The annual was created as a result of the transformation of the publishing series, published under the title „Z Badań nad Polskimi Księgozbiorami Historycznymi” [Studies into the History of the Book and Book Collections], founded in the mid-seventies on the initiative of professor Barbara Bieńkowska PhD, DSc. The original idea of the publishing house was very modest - it was about creating a forum for announcing the effects of research carried out by a group of students of the editor and people associated with her seminar and scientific work. It turned out, however, that the series met with a positive response from the environment and that the first three issues did not exhaust the "supply" of works. In this way, the series has developed, gaining among researchers of the book in Poland the opinion of a serious scientific venture.

Appearing approximately every year volumes, from the fourth issue on, took on a thematic character - each had the task of grouping articles related to a specific, but quite broadly delineated research topic. Barbara Bieńkowska edited the series she had created until the early nineties, publishing fifteen volumes. When she retired, she handed the series over to professor Józef Wojakowski, who gave up on the idea of completing the thematic volumes. After over a two year break, which was ended by the general reform of the publishing house, conducted by professor Jacek Soszyński PhD, DSc, a magazine was established, which mission is to simultaneously continue the thought and intentions of the founder of the series and expand the range of interests, providing a forum for the presentation of individual and team achievements, and discussions on the history of the manuscript and printed book culture from the earliest times up to the present day. From October 2016, the journal is being led by the current editorial team.